By Way of Luck

Written by an engaging teller of stories, Perkins recounts how luck alone led to his diverse career as a writer, editor and producer of words, sound and pictures and their delivery by newspaper, by book, by television, by satellite and by wireless transmission, who cable-cast America’s first shop-at-home programming, who led major companies into on-line transaction and interactive services, and who found himself always at the nub of how content was developed, and how it was moved, told in revealing depictions of the persons and personalities he encountered along the way.

“Lucky? No way. Jim Perkins’ fascinating, delightfully crafted odyssey makes it clear, in fact, that it’s his extraordinary imagination, creativity and vision, not to mention his mastery of the language, that can transform a tale of luck into an endlessly surprising and always engaging read.”

Joe Mathewson, JD, Journalism Teacher, Northwestern University; author “The Supreme Court and the Press – The Indispensable Conflict.”

“While Jim Perkins credits his livelihood to good fortune . . . that isn’t the whole story. A reader will learn from the tales he tells that when you’re alert to life’s possibilities; are willing to take risks; and are resilient when setbacks occur; success happens. An invigorating book.”

Jean A. Mansavage, Ph.D., historian, U.S. Air Force Historical Studies Office; author “Natural Defense.”

“A bravura performance. By Way of Luck far surpasses most of the breed. Perkins is a gifted story teller. His voice comes through in both the flow of the narrative and its peopling with characters vividly drawn. For the reader who knows the territory he covers, this is valuable stuff, with a significant lesson imparted: Namely, danger awaits any company that stubbornly maintains its corporate culture in the face of change.”

Donald S. Lamm, retired Chairman, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, W.W. Norton & Company, publishers.